Die Wachauer Privatdestillerie Hellerschmid

The „Wachauer apricot“ has a long tradition in Austria. It is grown for more than 2000 years in the most beautiful region of Austria, in the Danube valley. This sweet fruit is originally from Asia.

After the 2nd world war people in the region concentrated on what they had: apricots, so the family Hellerschmid began to produce apricot liqueur. Our company was established by Franz Hellerschmid in 1948. His goal was to produce fine schnapps and liqueurs made from regional fruits.

In 1970 the company was handed over to the son Hardt. He expanded the assortment and did the first exports to Germany. Our most famous „tipsy apricot“ was the idea of Hardt Hellerschmid in 1972. Tipsy apricots are apricot halves soaked in a mixture of schnapps and liqueur.

Now, the family-run company is managed in 3rd generation by Bernhard Hellerschmid. More than 30 different spirits and non-alcoholic drinks are produced and sold in Austria as well as abroad with growing success.

The recipes and manufacturing processes date back to the early years. In 2007 Bernhard Hellerschmid opened a shop in the pedestrian zone to sell our products to locals and tourists.

For more than 60 years we produce high-quality apricot specialities. Nowadays, we are working together with a sales partner in Germany who sell our products in their country.

Damals wie heute - Alles Gute!

Short history:

1948: Foundation of our company by Franz Hellerschmid

1958: New building in Missongasse

1970: Handing over to Hardt Hellerschmid

1972: Invention of “tipsy apricot”

1980: First exports to Germany

2007: Shop opening “Hellerschmid am Steinertor” in Krems

2008: Handing over to Bernhard Hellerschmid

2012: Store room in Missongasse 42, Krems

2013: Delivery “Schroffen” products in Austria

2014: New building of distillery in Missongasse

2017: Expanding of our shop